Globally Diversified Research-Driven Investing

Our Philosophy

Our team of portfolio managers and analysts follow a research-oriented investment process. We emphasize fundamental analysis of capital markets, industries, and individual securities to identify attractively-valued investment opportunities and to manage portfolio risk. While aware of the market indices against which clients judge our performance, we believe attractive risk-adjusted returns are best achieved by focusing on select countries, industries, and companies. We measure our success by meeting or exceeding the goals mutually agreed upon with our clients.

Asset Allocation

Augustine allocates client capital among its proprietary equity and fixed income strategies on a discretionary basis. We determine allocation among the broad financial asset classes based on our analysis of valuations, relative return and risk potential, and client objectives.


We believe that superior long-term investment results are created by early identification of industry change and the selection of high-quality companies that are the primary drivers and beneficiaries of that change. We construct portfolios according to our thematic thinking regarding the relative attractiveness of industries, while seeking companies that meet our criteria of strategic positioning, earnings growth potential, return on capital, valuation, quality of reported earnings, and balance sheet strength. The universe of companies that we consider is not bound by style, market cap, or geographic constraints. Our strategies, which hold between 20 and 50 positions, are focused with enough diversity to manage risk.

Strategy Objective & Characteristics
Global Equity Capital appreciation and income. Globally diverse.
Yield Equity Income and capital appreciation.
Emerging Markets Equity Capital appreciation and income from emerging markets.

Fixed Income

We structure fixed income portfolios with an active strategy regarding duration and credit quality based on our expectations for the economy, interest rates, inflation, and repayment performance. Augustine does not rely on agency ratings as a sole measure of credit risk. We perform a comprehensive review process that includes an analysis of an issuer’s balance sheet, cash flow, sensitivity to the economic cycle, competitive position, and salient market factors to identify bonds with attractive risk-adjusted yields.

Strategy Objective & Characteristics
Core Plus Fixed Income Income. Low volatility.  Active credit and interest rate strategy.
Short Term Fixed Income Income. Low volatility.  Low interest rate risk.